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6097e08578a91_Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital - ابراج سيكستي ايكونيك تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة.jpg
6097e085e4773_Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital - ابراج سيكستي ايكونيك تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة.jpg
6097e08635bb5_Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital - ابراج سيكستي ايكونيك تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة.jpg
Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital
Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital
Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital
Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital

Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital (1 Properties)

Egypt, Cairo, New Capital City


New Capital Commercial

Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital

Your investment opportunity in the first tower in (CBD) in the new administrative capital “ 6ixty Iconic Tower” with only 10% downpayment and installments up to 10 years with fully serviced (administrative, commercial, cafes& restaurants, Hotel Apartments ) units Indulge in a world of multitudes, in a mixed-use iconic tower that encompasses commercial, administrative, medical and hospitality shining in the skyline of the New Administrative Capital, overlooking Egypt’s new futuristic iconic tower and the beauty of the green river in a single view, from the top.

Above it all, l6ixty Iconic tower is an 8000 square meter integrated mixed-use revolutionary 39 floor iconic tower overlooking the commercial skyline portraying breathtaking views from the peak of The New Administrative Capital.

Sixty iconic Tower New Capital locations:

6ixty Tower is located in the heart of the serene location of the Central Business Park, overlooking Egypt’s famous Iconic tower, strategically in The New Administrative Capital.  

Its prime location serves as a central point in the New Capital business and financial zone, along the main central route (insert name of the main road).  

Overlooking the green river, 6ixty tower is a conventional development with unprecedented views – a meticulously designed project with international quality standards.

Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital Unit types 

  • ADMINISTRATIVE: 6ixty towers offer the most efficient and flexible modern office spaces, overlooking a 360-degree panoramic view of the futuristic city, to make the business a pleasure and to feel that you work where you want to be.

  • COMMERCIAL: Offering a fantastic range of commercial spaces with a mix of state-of-the-art facilities and leisure destinations. Catering to everyday necessities, featuring an array of facilities our visitors can quickly access supermarkets, a pharmacy, a bakery, ATMs, a mosque and a laundry services, and much more.  

  • MEDICAL: 6ixty towers offer medical clinics that will serve their patients with ergonomic design and functionality with medically catered unconventional space to offer a novel and totally comprehensive medical experience that are fully equipped with spaces for pharmacies, medical labs, and clinics. 

  • HOTEL APARTMENTS: 6ixty towers present a five star hotel, above and detached from the bustling clatter of the city presenting a skyscraping elevation that caters to its residents' needs through extravagance and personalized service. 

6ixty Iconic Burouj Towers Spaces and unit types

Al Burouj 6IXTY ICONIC is divided into commercial, administrative, medical, and entertainment units, with spaces, starting from 30 meters.

● Commercial units, Start from ​​42 sqm, the price per square meter starts with 100,000 pounds.

● Administrative units, Start from ​​45 meters, fully finished with air conditioning, at a price of 1.055.250 pounds.

● Medical units, Start from ​​49 meters, fully finished, with air conditioning, at a price of 1,200,500 pounds.

Unit prices within the Sixty Iconic Tower

The price per square meter for the administrative units starts from 36,000 EGP, and this price starts from 37,000 EGP, and for the iconic ones, the price starts from 37,000 EGP.

● While the price per meter inside the commercial units starts at 100,000 EGP.

● As for the price per meter inside Hotel Apartments, it starts from 44,000 EGP.

Sixty Iconic Tower Services, Facilities, and Amenities

DELUXE FACADES: 6ixty towers present luxury in entrance designs, promoting a luxurious and private experience within its design.  
Stand-alone entrances have been designed separately for commercial, administrative, and service areas.  

SECURITY: Because high-level security is vital round the clock, 6ixty tower features a full CCTV system, electronic gates, and a comprehensive network of cameras to reassure your safety. 

 A fully secured fire system is equipped within the development ensuring extreme safety measures for your peace of mind.  


With a meticulous eye for the suitability of our visitors, our five-floor underground parking has been designed to serve comfortable capacities, including parking, storage, and maintenance facilities. 

It also encompasses the electrical and water supply outlets’ with on-site security services and surveillance to ensure our visitors a sense of peacefulness and security.


Because we believe in hassle-free living, our visitor's management services feature a roster of premium services including valet parking, car care, and concierge services, offering maximum comfort and indulgence; bringing the best of the hotel-inspired timesaving,

life-enhancing services right to your doorstep making every moment as if it were always meant to be. 


6ixty Iconic tower is an 8000 square meter integrated mixed-use revolutionary 39 floor iconic tower overlooking the commercial skyline portraying breathtaking views from the peak of The New Administrative Capital.

Alchemy Design Studios have been commissioned to complete the interior design of 6ixty iconic towers including the reception and lobby areas as well as the signature branded furnished hotel apartments.  

ALCHEMY is a leading Egyptian design firm that focuses its creative approach on a 

multi-cultural understanding that is inspired by different urban narratives. 

Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital Facts

"Sixty Iconic" tower Located in the core of the general layout of the finance district at the heart of the new administrative capital with a plot area of 8016.95 m2, Sixty iconic tower commercial & admin and residential building comprise five basements, a ground floor, and thirty-four floors with a total built-up area of 42489.85. m2 The basements have parking spots, electromechanical, archiving, and storage rooms.

Sixty iconic Building facts

Total land area: 16156.86 m2

Plot Area: 8016.95 m2

Footprint area: 4810.17 m2(60% of plot area)

Height: 140 m almost

Block Floors: 39 floors + roof

5 Basements (Parking (car parking spots) & Services (water tank- BMS- Mechanical room- Electrical room- data room- store\s- staff room- … etc.)

Ground (6000 m2)  & First (6000 m2)

Commercial Use:

  1. Shops Located on the street
  2. Shops Located in Inner courtyard
  3. Food-court complex
  4. A mix of Restaurant & Café (all restaurant include an area for kitchen, Catering, and storage)
  5. Main Commercial Entrance
  6. 12 Elevators, Escalator & Stairs of commercial use
  7. Secondary additional Commercial Entrance
  8. Separated admin & residential entrance with reception
  9. Elevators & Stairs of Administrative use

21 Typical floors Offices-Admi n Use (1600  m2):

  1. Admin. units
  2. Main admin public area
  3. public area\ floor
  4. public toilets area\ floor

9 Typical floors Residential Use (1600 m2):

  1. Residential units
  2. Fully furnished
  3. Services ( laundry, maintenance, room service, cleaning services)

1-floor Electromechanical Use: 

  1. Have the Electromechanical works.

Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital Payment Plan

10% Down payment Up to 10 years

How to Book a unit in "Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital" Downtown?

If you have any inquiries about Sixty Iconic Tower prices in the New Administrative Capital, or you want to reserve your commercial unit at the best prices, contact us at the following number 01110400370 - 01033088187

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  • Parking Space
  • Satellite Connection
  • Internet Access


  • Air Conditioner
  • Garages
  • Security

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