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60a2359680b82_Compound Karmell New Zayed Sodic Shiekh Zayed - كمبوند كارميل زايد الجديدة - سوديك الشيخ زايد الجديدة.jpg
60a23597791d6_Compound Karmell New Zayed Villas at Sodic Shiekh Zayed - كمبوند كارميل زايد الجديدة فيلات - سوديك الشيخ زايد الجديدة.jpg
60a2359890414_Compound Karmell New Zayed Villas at Sodic Shiekh Zayed 2- كمبوند كارميل زايد الجديدة فيلات - سوديك الشيخ زايد الجديدة.jpg
60a23599abaf0_Duplex Compound Karmell New Zayed Sodic Shiekh Zayed - كمبوند كارميل زايد الجديدة دوبلكس - سوديك الشيخ زايد الجديدة.jpg
Karmell New Zayed
Karmell New Zayed
Karmell New Zayed
Karmell New Zayed
Karmell New Zayed

Karmell New Zayed (0 Properties)

Egypt, Giza, New Zayed City



Sodic offers a lifestyle inspired by the charming city of California in the United States of America, Sodic Karmell New Zayed is one of the best residential projects offered by Sodic Real Estate Development in Egypt, and Carmel Compound enjoys the luxury and tranquility that many dreams.

In California, there is a small coastal community defined by its fairytale architecture and depth of culture. Carmel-by-the-Sea, charmingly puts the city, in simplicity with its small-town, right at home inviting nature, mesmerizing scenery, and pleasant strolls that abound in all directions.

Karmell, even when you say it in your head, it rolls out as smooth as the place itself. Borrowing from the calm, cool, Californian coastal county with the same name, you will find more than just another real-estate venture to invest in. Rather, you will find an entirely new state of culture that you will want to invest your future with.

Find your Karmell. Find your California-inspired living. 

Karmell is 240 Fdan from the 500 Fadan as the Rest will be VYE and New Project it will be a city full of all facilities like Beverly Hills (Banks, Commercial, Hospital & Its 5 Min away from Sodic West and Emmar will be Near our Land as this location

Karmell Sheikh Zayed is located in the Golden Square area and directly overlooks a group of major axes, it is located near the Mall of Arabia, minutes from Hyper 1, and close to Cairo International Airport, the axis, Sphinx Square, and Mohandessin.

Karmell New Zayed is close to many different vital areas, as well as many places and roads that distinguish its location, and help it to be one of the unique sites.

Karmell New Zayed Sodic Location

Right in the heart of New Zayed, mere minutes from SODIC West and Zayed City are where Karmell resides. It allows for convenient and direct access to Dabaa - Rod El Farag Axis and is a forty-minute drive to downtown Cairo. And if that’s not accessible enough, then it also neighbors the Cairo-Alex Road and is a quick twenty-five-minute ride from Lebanon Square.

Compound Karmell New Zayed Location Sodic Shiekh Zayed - موقع كمبوند كارميل زايد الجديدة - سوديك الشيخ زايد الجديدة.jpg

At an altitude of 226 meters above sea level, Karmell is located in the best location in New Zayed City in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, specifically on the Cairo / Alexandria Desert Road, 20 minutes from the desert gate, and 10 minutes from the Sahrawy office, near several upscale residential places.

Karmell Sodic Sheikh Zayed Avilablile unit types

Karmell Compound provides you with apartments, duplexes, and villas of various sizes, and this is to provide customers with all their requirements for obtaining a residential unit

Apartments space in Carmel starts from 120 square meters to 150 square meters fully finished

Duplex apartments' spaces start from 180 square meters to 200 square meters fully finished

Standalone villas start from 220 square meters to 280 square meters.

There are also various spaces within the Karmell project, and because it is under implementation, we started with areas from 150 meters to 400 meters for villas, and these spaces are for lovers of distinction and excitement.

Karmell Sodic Sheikh Zayed project services

The Karmell Compound integrates services as we are used to from SODIC. The project has green spaces and a group of parks surrounding the units to give them the most beautiful view.

Karmell Lane will offer charming, indoor/outdoor retail experiences unlike any other. The trendy boutique-lined streets will give window shoppers a lot to think about, a lot to discuss, and even more to see. The two Town Centers also offer up a family-friendly and wholesome retail selection ensuring all you could ever need is right around the corner, wherever you are, at Karmell.

We value higher education, so we provide the facilities to ensure our futures are brighter. We value family and friends so we provide numerous social settings. Karmell residents will enjoy also their close proximity to two Town Centers that will have everything for your daily needs from convenience stores and pharmacies, to hair salons, coffee shops, nurseries, and a whole host more. A massive mixed-use district envisioned to be the New Zayed Downtown hub, home to commercial, retail and medical establishments, is also a scenic walk away.

Embraced by two linear parks blossoming in serene settings, the architecture adorning Karmell pays homage to the raw materials traditionally used in Californian designs and gives them a modern edge with Smart Home Solutions, and vast, functional open spaces.

It is a boldly innovative and inviting setting that gives a whole new style to life with selected flora that boosts that sweet, Californian vibe.

In addition to cycling and walking paths.

There are also entertainment areas for children.

Clubhouse, gym, and spa at the highest level.

An area dedicated to sports fields, allowing you to carry out various sports activities.

Karmell Sodic offers you a luxurious collection of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Secured parking garages.

Integrated security services including electronic gates, surveillance cameras, and security personnel

Prices for Karmell Sodic Sheikh Zayed project

The prices of the residential apartments within the project start from 3 million EGP.

Duplex apartment prices start from 4,900,000 EGP.

Villas prices start from 6 million and 900 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Ways to pay the new Karmell Zayed Compound

5% downpayment on the housing unit and installments up to 8 years.

When Karmell Compound will Deliver?

Karmell Sodic New Zayed Delivery will be at 2023

The owner company of the project Karmell Sodic Sheikh Zayed

At SODIC we celebrate differences. We champion inclusion, advocate tolerance, and spread love. We do not see anything but the greener side to both sides of the fence. Our developments are more than just bricks and mortar and landscapes, they are borders of trust and acceptance, and understanding. It doesn’t matter what you are into or what you believe, we celebrate all the differences that make you unique. At SODIC you don’t live, work or play. You belong.

How to book a unit in Karmell Sheikh Zayed Compound

Do not hesitate to own a residential unit within the New Karmell Sodic Zayed project because it is one of the excellent projects that help to provide comfort and luxury to all residents inside, besides enjoying the various services.

For Booking in Karmell New Zayed and more information Fill the Form and our Property Consultant will Contact You As Soon As Possible……….Or Call Us at 01033088187 - 01110400370

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