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31 North Tower New Capital
31 North Tower New Capital
31 North Tower New Capital
31 North Tower New Capital
31 North Tower New Capital
31 North Tower New Capital
31 North Tower New Capital
31 North Tower New Capital
31 North Tower New Capital

31 North Tower New Capital (0 Properties)

Egypt, Cairo, New Capital City


New New Capital Commercial

Nile Development Company for Real Estate launched in a huge ceremony at Al-Masa Hotel in the New Administrative Capital the first and largest Festival Tower on the Green River in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in the Downtown area “31 North Tower”

The first skyscraper in the Towers area - directly on the Green River At a height of 131 meters, 36 floors with “Commercial, Administrative, Medical & Hotel Apartment” Units. 

The Tower is designed in a Y shape Provides Infinity View on the Green River and Iconic tower for all units.

What is the location of Nile Tower “31 North”?

31 North Tower located at an outstanding area at Down Town “MU19” in New Capital.

The project is located directly on the northern axis of Bin Zayed and the Green River in the Tourist Towers area.

A distinctive corner on the northern axis of Bin Zayed (125 m width) and the main axis to the ministries district, width (50 m) in front of the Celia Talaat Moustafa compound villas area and the cathedral after 500 m from the Al-Masa Hotel and the central axis 

Down Town Main Street, on the square, width is 40 meters And near to the most important neighborhoods, (the ministries district, the hotel tourist district, the heritage, and arts district, the shopping and promenade district, the administrative district, the fashion district)

What is the area of the Tower's land?

Festival Tower, 31-North Tower New Capital, was implemented on an area of more than 18.5 thousand square meters with a height of 131 meters and the tower consists of 36 floors (ground + 30 floors + 4 basements) 

Who is the owner of the 31 North Tower?

The company that owns and develops the project, the Festival Tower “31North” in the new capital, is the Nile Real Estate Development Company, which was established in 2002 and has a portfolio of more than 100 projects in the various 5th Settlement Areas, including 35 projects that have already been implemented and delivered, and other projects under construction, some of them in the real estate portfolio and have not been put up until right now.

In addition, Eng. Mohamed Taher is the Chairman of the Nile Company for Real Estate Development, Eng. Mahmoud Taher is the Vice Chairman of the Nile Company for Real Estate Development.

The 5th Settlement areas in which the company's projects are located (Bait Al-Watan - Al-Lotus - Al-Andalus - New Narges - North House - North of Al-Rehab - South of the Academy)

What are the companies that the Nile Company has contracted with the 31-North Tower New Capital project?

1-SSE (Salama Structural Engineers):

The Nile Company contracted with Engineer Asaad Salama, founder of the Salama Structural Engineers (SSE) office to design its Festival Tower New Capital project, which has a long history of more than 30 years, to implement mega projects regionally and internationally, and one of the most prominent of these projects is

  1. Business bay, Dubai
  2. Damac exclusive tower, Riyadh
  3. Additionally al fisal tower, Doha Qatar
  4. Prince Abdullah al Faisal stadium
  5. In addition to that wadi degla sports club Dubai
  6. Paramount towers Dubai
  7. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Mineral, K.S.A.
  8. Dusit hotel Abu Dhabi
  9. Dubai theme park
  10. Dubai Mashreq bank, HQ downtown Dubai
  11. Jumeirah beach residence Dubai
  12. Palm Nakheel mall, Dubai
  13. Alshariqa mall Dubai
  14. Emaar district cooling plant 01 Dubai Greek
  15. Holiday inn Hilton twin towers
  16. Jeddah gate, f3 Jeddah
  17. El Jawhara tower Damac S.A
  18. King towers K.S.A
  19. Hilton Hurghada, Egypt
  20. Bin Shameh complex tower, UE
  21. BMW CKD factory, Egyp
  22. Damac Heights, Dubai
  23. Infinity Tower, Dubai
2-CFM (Contract Facilities Management):

Nile Real Estate Development Company contracts with CFM, one of the Orascom Group companies, to manage public facilities in its project

CFM founded For 15 years as the first local integrated facilities management company in Egypt, Since its establishment, CFM has built a large client base, doubling its revenue in addition to its technical and administrative resources.

CFM is now the provider of “Facilities Management” For many companies Major multinationals in Egypt with 131 clients.

CFM Services:

  1. Electrical power networks.
  2. HVAC technology.
  3. Home water and fire networks.
  4. Light current engineering.
  5. Engineering Mechanics.
  6. Building Management Systems (BMS).
  7. Architecture and minor civil works.
  8. Renovations and fit-out services. 
  9. Energy management services.
  10. Housekeeping. 
  11. Landscaping.
  12. Pest control.
  13. Marble polishing & maintenance.
  14. Waste management.
  15. Architecture & minor civil works.
  16. The most prominent projects for which CFM provided the facility management service:
  17. Cairo festival city (CFC).
  18. Nile City Towers.
  19. Al Masa hotel, new capital. 
  20. Alshaya Egypt L.L.C.
  21. The Grand Egyptian museum phase 3. 
  22. Ministry of communications and information technology.
  23. Mall of Egypt.
  24. IKEA.
  25. DAMAC Park Avenue. 
  26. Orascom Construction Industries.
  27. Proctor & Gamble.
  28. Commercial International Bank (CIB).
  29. Credit Agricole Bank. 
  30. UAE embassy. 
  31. Canadian embassy. 
  32. Air forces hospital. 
  33. Children cancer hospital-57357.
  34. Shell factory. 
  35. Adidas sporting goods Ltd.
3- KAD:

Nile Real Estate Development Company contracts with KAD owned by Eng. Elham Kardani was established in 2012 and its actual activity began in 2014 

To manage and operate the commercial district with its 31-North Tower New Capital project Which provides advisory services for commercial real estate and supervises real estate development, starting from anticipatory studies of the land until reaching achieving the highest returns on investment.

KAD has provided its services to many major projects and the most important of these projects are: Point 9 Mall new capital, Maxim Mall New Cairo, Park Avenue Mall, West Park Mall and Boulevard Mall

4- HSI (Hany Saad Innovations):

Nile Real Estate Development cooperates with HSI “Hany Saad Innovations” interior design in its Festival Tower

HSI Founded in 2003, Hani Saad Innovations Company has completed more than 800 projects across Africa and the Middle East, ranging from private residential villas, mixed-use commercial projects, clubs, hotels, shopping malls, administrative buildings, and luxury residential complexes. It has become an international brand with a diverse team spread across multiple disciplines. Her designs have evolved to blend the cultural vision and contemporary luxury of her multinational clientele.

Most prominent commercial projects:

  1. Garden 8 mall.
  2. Eastside Mall.
  3. Premier romance hotel.
  4. Administrative business plaza-GMC.
  5. Emaar Makkah.
  6. Skoda automotive showroom.
  7. Stella capital walk.
  8. The most prominent administrative projects: 
  9. Uptown International School.
  10. Showroom automotive. 
  11. Felopateer palace. 
  12. Ajna development office. 
  13. Namma headquarters. 
  14. Polygon offices.
  15. Starlight office.
  16. The most prominent residential projects:
  17. Vinci compound.
  18. Katamya coast.
  19. Al Jazi.
  20. Azha.
  21. Ivory.
  22. The Marq.
  23. Bayside.
  24. Allegria, sodic villa.
  25. Allegria, sodic mansion.
  26. Allegria, sodic estate.
  27. Allegria, sodic palace.
  28. Allegria, sodic chateau.
  29. Palm hills villa.
  30. Katameya Dunes mansion.
  31. Katameya heights villa.
  32. Swan Lake Villa.
  33. Lake views villa.
  34. Waterway Apartments.
  35. Australia Apartments.

What are the Features, Services, and facilities of 31 North Tower?

The first festival tower in Egypt The tallest tower 131 meters

The location is on 3 main streets: Bin Zayed North Axis, the width of the street is 124 meters, The entrance to the government district, the street width is 50 meters, The main downtown street on the street width of 40 meters

The tower’s design is based on the world's most famous Architectural Concepts(Y "Concept")

So 80% of the tower units see the Green River 

The first Panorama Elevator on the Green River. 

Spaces start from 31 meters in order to target all segments

The hotel unit’s places are located at the top of the tower, starting from a height of 120 meters and above. 

All units have Infinity View at Green River & Iconic Tower

The first lighted tower in Downtown Area

With the largest engineering consultant for the biggest towers in Dubai And the largest management and operation company

What are the unit types available in 31 North New Capital?

  1. 31 North tower is (Administrative, Commercial, Medical and Hotel Apartment)
  2. With areas starting from 31 meters for Commercial & Administrative.
  3. Areas starting from 40 meters for Hotel Apartment.

What is the payment plan for 31 North New Capital?

31 North New Capital payment plans starting from 10% down payment and plan to 12 years

  1. 10% down payment & Over 7 years installments.
  2. 15% down payment & Over 8 years installments.
  3. 20% down payment & Over 9 years installments. 
  4. 30% down payment & Over 10 years installments.
  5. 40% down payment & Over 12 years installments.
  6. 35% down payment, 15% paid on delivery, And the remaining installments after receipt over 3 years of return
  7. 31 Offer: 31% down payment, 31% discount The remaining installments over 31 months

 - 40% cash discount 

- Maintenance deposit 10%

What are the average prices in 31 North New Capital?

  1. The festival tower “31 North New Capital” prices are:
  2. Commercial units starting from 100,000 per meter
  3. Administrative units starting from 35,000 per meter
  4. Medical units starting from 35,000 per meter
  5. Hotel apartment starting from 45,000 per meter

When the Nile’s Tower will deliver?

The 31 North Tower "Nile Tower New Capital" will deliver 2024.

How to book in 31 North tower?

For Booking in 31 north tower and more information Fill the Form and our Property Consultant will Contact You As Soon As Possible……….Or Call Us at 01033088187 

Nile Developments

Nile Developments is considered a leading company in the field of real estate development with more than 15 years of experience and has a group of the most efficient engineers in real estate development Since the beginning of the new millennium, specifically in 2002, the Nile Company was launched as a contracting company in the Egyptian real estate market, the company was established by a group of... Read more


  • Parking Space
  • Power Generator
  • Satellite Connection
  • Internet Access


  • Air Conditioner

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