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Hyde Park New Cairo

 Hyde Park New Cairo is considered one of the largest projects located in the heart of the Fifth District in Cairo,

We provide you with a happy life for you and your family, as it is considered a very elegant residential city, where you can enjoy luxury and luxury

It gives you everything you need in order to live a life of luxury and sophistication within the Hyde Park project, you will enjoy an atmosphere of calm and comfort, a healthy and integrated life away from the problems of cities, noise and pollution

Hyde Park New Cairo site
 The most vital area overlooking the ninety Street, which is one of the strategic streets that approaches the new ring road, and it is characterized by being close to Ain Sokhna
It is about 5 km from Suez, and five minutes from the American University, the new Hyde Park project
Green spaces and a number of clubs, commercial malls, and many other services were implemented that were implemented in a high-quality style. The designs were implemented in a modern way.

Hyde Park New Cairo Project
The Hyde Park New Cairo project is the largest residential project that was built on Fifth Avenue in Cairo,

It was established on an area of ​​1200 acres and that acres equivalent to 6.000,000 million square meters, where a green space was allocated

Up to 144 acres beside the creation of a number of parks and gardens and providing them with flowers and colorful trees of the rare family smell fragrant, which helps you to enjoy a distinctive atmosphere

Hyde Park Compound Prices and Spaces
For the first time in New Cairo, the Hyde Cairo project offers you a large variety of housing units, as it provides you with a number of apartments, villas, townhouses and twin houses, and they were unanimously designed in a modern and sophisticated way and it combines the Moroccan, Spanish and classic classic style, where all tastes are provided to be appropriate With all clients
Hyde Park Project Services
The Hyde Park project contains major international hotels, designed in high quality.
The presence of businesses related to the banks and companies, as well as special outlets for spending money unanimously for banks.
The compound contains the largest and most recent huge malls, as there are 1700 commercial stores where all the outlets are provided.
It provides a full sports club equipped with all sports, which was held on an area equivalent to 42 acres, where hosts are made for local and international tournaments.
Providing a number of entrances that help us pass through the compound without crowding. There is also a group of security and guarding at all entrances, and the entire project is equipped with surveillance cameras.
Providing the largest and largest central garden in the compound built on an area of ​​600 square meters.
Providing a relaxing area and enjoying an atmosphere of calm for you and your family while taking in the picturesque scenery.
Providing international schools and universities and kindergartens that are dedicated to serving the entire population of the project.
The presence of cafes and restaurants that provide the finest and best foods that customers need.
Providing an integrated health club that includes a gym, spa and sauna with a high level of luxury and sophistication, payment methods and payment systems
reserved with a 10% deposit and a premium for 10 years equal installments, delivery: immediate
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